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Date: 5 – 28 May 2017; PV 4.5.17, 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Venue: umlaut¨

Can the merging of illustration and photography suggest new ideas about design and its relationship with nature? Taking plants, the golden ratio and repetition of the number 3 as a stepping stone to explore this question, Matteo Patocchi’s site-specific installation aims to raise awareness of our relationship with the environment by surrounding the viewer with a visual abstract landscape composed of linear graphics and flower photography.


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Date: Until 8 July 2017

Venue: Touchstones Rochdale

For her first institutional solo show in the UK, Manchester-born and Switzerland-based Clare Kenny presents existing and new work in an installation that reflects the re-occurring interests in her practice. It draws not only on her childhood memories of growing up in Rochdale and her new life in Basel, but also on a collective experience shared by many.


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Date: 29 April – 7 May 2017, PV 28 April from 6-9 pm

Venue: Chalton Gallery

Sisters From Another Mister is a joint artistic identity of Amelia Prazak (Switzerland) and Milda Lembertaitė (Lithuania). They have a free-wheeling practice employing gender play, witty sculptural forms, musical interludes and video works, in which they often feature. The idea of displacement or fragmentation of bodies: body as a humanscape, a spiritual matter, a visual geometry lies at the centre of their research. How to be physical and not just a surface?


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Sarah Boris_ Process space: Graphic design exposed / Practice as performance

Date: 7 April – 30 April 2017 Opening: 6 April, 6.30-8.30pm

Venue: umlaut¨

Process and practice, rather than finished products, are the focus of Sarah Boris’s exhibition. She will be present in the space throughout, surrounded by the tools of the graphic designer’s practice and continually adding to her body of work. Artists, creatives, students, teachers and printers are invited to contribute, and visitors are welcome to interact and question her about commissioning design and the key tools that inform her practice. In short, a live multi-faceted work space in mutation.


Umlaut Space

53 Fashion Street

E1 6PX


Other Swiss Cultural Events

Date: ongoing

Venue: UK-wide

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